Nora Project Leah Murray

The Nora Project – Join me for a Nora Roberts Read along!

Happy New Year!

So, as you do, I have made a new year’s resolution to read more fiction. I am starting with re-reading all the Nora Roberts books I own and plan on reading one a month.  

Reading order:

  1. Jan – True Betrayals
  2. Feb – Montana Sky
  3. Mar – Sanctuary
  4. Apr – Angels Fall
  5. May – Red Lily
  6. Jun – Black Rose
  7. Jul – Blue Dahlia
  8. Aug – Sea Swept
  9. Sep – Rising Tides
  10. Oct – Inner Harbor
  11. Nov – Chesapeake Blue
  12. Dec – Morrigan’s Cross (part of the Circle trilogy)

I have also started a new ‘reader’ Instagram account at 

I plan on making a weekly post there if you’d like to follow along and see what else I am reading. 

I will be writing a monthly blog post based on those books and then I will summarize all those blog posts into a quarterly newsletter – so you can pick your poison 🙂


PS I am in the process of outlining book 3 in the Cornish Heroes series. Working title is High Water (pity my poor cover designer who will need to work out how to make that fit …)