Highwater house inspirational images

Author Life – Working on Highwater setting today

I’ve decided to write a blog post once or twice a week as I sit down to work on Highwater – I need some accountability!

So far I have plotted out most of the book and I have notes written for about 10 chapters. 

Other writers have told me they write each book a different way and I am finding this is very true. With this book I am writing scenes out of order and then trying to knit them together.

Today I am working on setting so I am looking at some Pinterest images to get ideas and then reading other books to find inspiring descriptions. Simone St. James, for example, is the queen of creepy atmosphere so I’m re-reading some of her books to see how she does it.

I’m setting the book in west Cornwall this time-in an old country house in the period leading up to Christmas. Here are some of the pics that have inspired a few scenes:

Highwater house inspirational images

Highwater house inspiration

One day I shall find a way to live in an old country house! I shall also have a crystal decanter and acres of gardens with hidden walkways to explore with my dogs…wearing wellingtons (gumboots) of course!