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Superstition – Karen Robards

Superstition - Karen Robards

Karen Robards’ Superstition is a romantic suspense: an oldie but a goodie set in South Carolina. The kind of book that is hard to find lately, but that I really enjoy reading.

A journalist covering a ‘haunted house’ story where someone was murdered finds herself the target of a serial killer. Of course she has a hunky new police chief to help her out-one who also just happens to be babysitting a pig called Cleo!

I liked the mixture of authentic suspense and the ‘tinge’ of paranormal.


Fifteen years ago, the murder of teenager Tara Mitchell and the disappearance of her two friends changed their sleepy town forever. In the years since, all who have lived in the mansion where it happened have left in fear, claiming that the dead girls haunt the house.
TV reporter Nicky Sullivan knows good television, and she arranges a live television séance to take place in the house. But it all goes horribly wrong when, during the show, a young woman is murdered in exactly the same way as Tara was all those years ago.

When a sinister note is discovered warning that this isn’t the last body, the television producers insist they push on regardless.

Nicky doesn’t know what she has unearthed, but she does know that a killer has returned, and that her life is in danger.

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