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Jack be Quick – Fiona Quinn

Jack be Quick - Fiona Quinn

I have another good military romantic suspense to recommend today. It is part of a series, but I read it as a standalone and I don’t think that mattered. 

I think she has also updated the cover since I took this screenshot but I prefer this one 🙂 

To save her, he’ll have to be deadly, accurate, and most of all, quick…

First grade teachers aren’t supposed to face life-and-death scenarios. But that’s exactly what happens when Suz Molloy is kidnapped. What she really needs is her ex-Navy SEAL fiancé. It’s just her unfortunate luck that he’s laid up in the hospital with no idea she’s even missing.

When Jack McCullen wakes up from surgery to find Suz gone, his gut—and his psychic colleague at Iniquus—tells him Suz is in life-threatening danger. Now, all he can do is follow the clues to South America and pray he’ll get there in time to be the hero Suz needs. Jack’s faced tough times before. Beaten unbeatable odds. But this time, the mission is for more than love of country—it’s for the love of his life.

Jack Be Quick is an intense, action adventure, military romance filled with spies, conspiracies, political and international terror. Grab your copy, and let’s go!

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